Welcome to Living Smart and Healthy! Here, I have organized the recipes according to different categories. Hope you find recipe(s) of your interests. Thanks! 


Whether you are cooking for a family of four or a large gathering, these delicious yet effortless entrees will sure be a winner!

side dishes

The best side dishes to complete your dinner or a family feast. Here you will find vegetable sides, the perfect sides for your bbq and for the chicken dinners.

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soups & stews

Enjoy these hearty, comforting meal in itself, bowl of soup. Simply tasty, nutritious and super warming. Perfect on chilly days!

beans & lentils

Protein packed lentils & beans. So flavorful, hearty and super filling. Great with some rice or naan on the side. Perfect for make ahead meals.


Easy & delicious treats made with simple ingredients. These decadent desserts are absolute crowd pleaser.


I love homemade bread! Here’s where you can get creative and make beautiful breads. Find step by step recipes & recipe video to help you make a perfect bread.

instant pot

Make meals in a fraction of the time using Instant Pot (pressure cooker). Here you will find quick, one-pot meals to please your loved ones!

air fryer

A healthy alternative to traditional deep fried food. Enjoy these healthy, guilt-free recipes made in the air fryer.


Enjoy these homemade beverages made with fresh ingredients. You can easily customize these to your taste.

dips & condiments

Love these homemade dips & condiments. Find step by step recipe, to make these from scratch using fresh ingredients.

basics of cooking

Looking for some basics? Here are some basic recipes, to help you get started.